Help & Support

Super Safe, Super Fun

It’s an easy and super-safe tour—expert guides will get you harnessed up and make sure you’re safely hooked to the lines. Some ziplines even have an automatic braking system, so you don’t have to worry about slowing yourself down. But if the zipline has a manual braking system, your guides will walk you through that as well.

A few Restrictions

And most everyone can do it, though there are usually some stipulations, like a minimum age of 7 or 8 years old, as well as a minimum and maximum weight. And it’s probably not the best option for pregnant women or people with neck or back pain, as some ziplines have abrupt stops.

What about if you have a fear of heights? Well, that’s part of the excitement. And once you start zipping, that little bit of fear will fly right away, and you’ll be focused on the scenery as you howl with excited laughter.

What to Wear

Wear whatever you like, though you will need to have close-toed shoes. Harnesses and helmets will be provided. And if you want a visual souvenir of your adventure, forget using a camera or phone (if you drop it, it’s gone!)—instead, attach a GoPro. And some ziplines will also take photos or videos of you as you fly by.

So get ready for a speedy, fun adventure—ziplining, Alaska-style!